What’s New for Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia?

April 27th, 2020 by

Next Gen Lexus Multimedia

The next generation of Lexus Multimedia is here.  Offering Lexus drivers a new level of connectivity, smart integration, and capability, the Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia System is now standard on select model year 2020 and newer Lexus models.  Find out the difference between the Gen 10 Multimedia and Gen 11 Multimedia Systems available on Lexus models now.

What’s New for Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia?

The Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia System introduces Android Auto, Sirius XM Instant Replay and several other useful upgrades for new Lexus owners to enjoy.  Whether you decide on a new Lexus with navigation or without, you’ll find the updated Gen 11 Multimedia System available with new key features and quicker operating systems.  You can find the Gen 11 Multimedia System already on the 2020 Lexus ES, RC coupe, UX, NX, and redesigned RX.  We expect a few more of the soon-to-be-released 2021 Lexus models will also feature the new Multimedia System (fingers crossed!) and will be posting updates as we learn more, so make sure to check back often.  Learn more about what’s new for Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia below.

Lexus Multimedia and Navigation Updates

Gen 11 Multimedia System Key Features

Standard on the 2020 Lexus ES sedan, RC coupe, new UX, RX, and NX, the Gen 11 Multimedia System raises the bar with new features, functions, and connectivity.  The updated system includes a new user interface that delivers a faster refresh rate of 30 fps delivering a quicker and more seamless response to input and a crisp graphics display in higher-definition 24-bit, full color.  Other changes, additions, and improvements for the Gen 11 Multimedia System include:

  • Android Auto
  • Sirius XM Instant Replay
  • Lexus Enform Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone Linking
  • High-Resolution Audio (HRA) Support
  • USB Video Playback
  • Favorite Genre

Gen 11 Navigation System Key Features

See the bigger picture with the enhanced Gen 11 Lexus Navigation System offering crisp graphics, enhanced user interface and usability, routing, and simplicity delivering a quicker response and improved overall experience. In addition to all of the new and enhanced features found on the standard Gen 11 Multimedia System, the updated Gen 11 Navigation System adds:

  • Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation
  • Pop-up Shortcut Function
  • Sub Menu
  • Electronic Owner’s Manual
  • 12.3-inch EMV (Electro Multi Vision) Touch Display (Available on 2020 RX.)

The new Gen 11 Navigation System also features returning Lexus connectivity services, but with slightly different complimentary trial periods:

  • Lexus Enform Destination Assist: now a 3-year trial
  • Lexus Enform Dynamic Navigation: new and includes a 3-year trial
  • Lexus Enform Dynamic Voice Command: 10-year trial – same as Gen 10 trial

Lexus Multimedia and Connected Services

Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia System Updates and Features Explained

Sirius XM Instant Replay

The Gen 11 Lexus Multimedia System and Navigation System will both offer a new feature from Sirius XM Radio.  It is called SiriusXM Instant Replay.  The new Instant Replay function automatically saves the content being broadcast via Sirius XM Radio and allows you to play it back at a later time.  Similar to a feature that Lexus offered on earlier systems, the new Sirius XM Instant Replay allows you to save any potentially missed broadcast due to the Audio Mute feature being activated by an interruption by either the voice recognition feature or hands-free telephone conversations.

Android Auto

Finally, Android Auto has come to Lexus.  With Android Auto, standard in 2020 and newer Lexus models with the Gen 11 Multimedia and Navigation Systems, users can seamlessly cast their Android device’s interface onto the vehicle’s display.  By simply using Google Assistant, Android owners can now play music via apps like Spotify and Pandora, send messages through a range of popular apps like WhatsApp, get directions from Google Maps, and request information that can be personally tailored based on your calendar, usage activity and habits.

High-Resolution Audio (HRA) Support

Offering a wider dynamic range than a CD and providing you with sound recreation closer to the original studio recording, HRA files stored on a flash drive can now be played through the Lexus Audio System via the USB port.  This new system recognizes several HRA audio formats including (WAV/FLAC/ALAC/OGG Vorbis).

USB Video Playback

Lexus owners and passengers with a video stored on a flash drive, in WMV/AVI/MP4/M4V formats, can now be played back and viewed through the Lexus Audio System display via the USB port when the vehicle is in PARK.

Favorite Genre

Making radio even easier, the new Favorite Genre feature on the Gen 11 Systems allow Lexus owners and guests to register preferred radio station genres using the new Favorite Genre setting.  This is great since it will allow you to easily discover new stations on the ever-growing menu of FM and Sirius XM Radio.

Pop-Up Shortcut Function (Navigation System Update)

This new feature on the Gen 11 Navigation Systems displays icons on the bottom of the screen and enables you to easily access frequently used functions like phone calls, apps, climate controls, radio stations, and more.

Sub Menu (Navigation System Update)

Also new for Gen 11 Navigation, this handy feature allows us to find and select system functions quickly and easily using a sub-menu positioned on the left side of the Lexus Navigation Screen.  Next to each function, you’ll see an easy-to-read icon.

It is important to note that Lexus models equipped with the Gen 10 Multimedia Generation of software cannot be updated or retrofitted for the Gen 11 Multimedia software update.  To learn more about Lexus Multimedia Systems, update options, and more, you can contact our team at North Park Lexus RGV.

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